We founded KAI D with a simple notion: to create purposeful, lasting goods that reflect our love for utilitarian ideals. Every garment is meant to endure a lifetime of experience, to live and age organically with the wearer. They aspire to stay with you as an example of hand-crafted integrityÉ an old friend, if you will, that helps tell your story (or just tags along for the ride).
New York is our home, and vintage is our love. Inspired by Old New York during the machine age and the purposefulness of military and hunting wears, KAI D aspires to outfit the New American Artisan. We believe in craftsmanship, mastering your trade, and bringing artistry into a commercial world. In our small way, we continue this notion in everything we do both as customers and makers of our Collection. Our products are hand-made locally in New York, by ourselves and a small team of tailors and printers that we employ.