Babe of Brooklyn Beard Balm No. 3
Babe of Brooklyn Beard Balm No. 3 Babe of Brooklyn Beard Balm No. 3

Babe of Brooklyn Beard Balm No. 3

Brand: Babe of Brooklyn

B.A.B.E of Brooklyn stands for (beard and balm essentials).  The maker believes in using only the finest organic materials to provide the most natural care for beards. Shea butter and American Jojoba infuse themselves into your hair and skin to seal in moisture and soften cuticles. The balm articulates each strand with a brilliant luster, calming fly-away's and polishing overall appearance, without making the beard look to shinny, which was one of the initial goals.  Lastly, it promotes growth of longer, thicker, and coarser beards by feeding moisture back into hair follicles that dehydrate from regular face-washing. Crisp, earthy, and completely natural based properties. No artificial coloring or scents. Baked in small batches for utmost quality control.  

No. 3  Biker's Brew: Avocado, Argan, Mango Butter infused with Rum and Leather scent.  Organic Hempseed and organic Beeswax.

Handmade in Brooklyn

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