Cloth Face Mask - Noragi Remnant

*** The masks have been selling out within one hour of posting on the website and I cannot keep up with individual notifications when they are out, so I have decided to post them at around 11am each morning on A first come first served basis.  I have very limited time and supply at the moment so can make only a small batch every day.  Thanks for your patience.

Made in remant of a vintage Japanese Noragi coat from over 100 years ago.  Reverse side in another beautiful vintage stripe cotton from old Japanese textile.

**** ONLY one made.  

***The elastic is in a side tunnel which you can cut the elastic and staple them and hide the staple portion inside the tunnel so this could be for someone with a narrower face or for teenagers.

Washable.  Please wash your hands before putting on the face mask and after removing the face mask

Hand made in New York.



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