Old School Tattoo Balm

Old School Tattoo Balm

Brand: Brooklyn Grooming

Getting a new tattoo can be a painful process and the best way to heal and protect your sensitive skin for your prized body adornment is with Brooklyn Grooming Commando Old School Tattoo Balm which contains only natural ingredients for a better healing process. Most available tattoo aftercare ointments use petroleum jelly which clogs your pores and irritates the skin, but now you can recover with this tattoo balm which has anti-fungal oils and prevents irritation. This balm contains the restorative and healing properties of sesame and hempseed oils, unrefined beeswax and Vitamin E so you can wear your new tattoo in comfort.

Brooklyn Grooming Co has developed a superb brand of men’s grooming products which contains the finest of natural ingredients.

Weight: 2 oz (57 g)
Made in Brooklyn, NY, USA

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