Pashmina Scarf - Wheat Heather
Pashmina Scarf - Wheat Heather Pashmina Scarf - Wheat Heather

Pashmina Scarf - Wheat Heather

Brand: Moray

The cashmere hair from Outer Mongolia. These are often lone herdsmen live out in the gers (yurts in English) in the steppes of the Gobi desert, lush and green  in the summer and frozen all winter.

Moray ensures the herdsmen are paid fairly and the herds can be fed during the winter with hay and corn and are not too large (which leads to malnutrition and starvation of the weaker goats).

The yarn is spun with more twists than the industry standard (due to the long Mongolian fibers) our cashmere pills less. 

To prevent pilling machine wash. Use a wool cycle and non-biological detergent. (Biological detergents contain enzymes which can damage hair. Cashmere is actually a hair not a wool. Hand washing is also an option with very lightweight items however be careful not to kneed the garment like dough, just stir in the warm water and let it soak.

Made in 100% highest quality Mongolian cashmere.  

size: 28" x 72"
Made in Mongolia

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