Williamsburg Beard Oil

Williamsburg Beard Oil

Brand: Brooklyn Grooming

Organic sesame and hempseed oils provide the nutritive foundation for our Whiskers Beard Oil, an anointing preparation which replenishes and balances the moisture quotient in your fair facial fuzz.  

Exposure to the elements, smoke, airborne particulate and even daily face-washing can strip the beard’s bristles of their natural protective cuticle, rendering the already-coarse hair even more brittle, dry and scratchy.

Our Beard Oil gives your whiskers the everyday protection they probably lack and re-introduces moisture to the hidden skin underneath. Any man who’s ever experienced the silent panic and confused embarrassment of flakey beardruff knows the importance of moisturizing! This is especially good for those of you who keep a beard for a long time, as none of us wants to develop scalp-face.

Made in Brooklyn, NY, USA

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