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Posted on March 04, 2014 by Kai D. Fan

Denmark is situated at the edge of the European continent, close to the seas and in the middle of the West Wind Belt. These factors contribute to a yearly average of 121 rain days.

Grown from rainy weather conditions comes the believe that a quick rain shower can be beautiful as well as moody, but first and foremost requires the right outfit. In combining the outdoor lifestyle, with the fashion city life comes RAINS. A new Danish rainwear maker focusing on a minimalistic style with functional details and comfort as top priorities. 

RAINS is based on a philosophy of creating unique rainwear which can complement the wearer's existing wardrobe in an elegant way, and bring positive associations to the rainy day.


Product selling points 

-          Classic and functional design.

-          Complements very different style.

-          Light Polyurethane(PU) rubber fabric – Soft and 100 % waterproof.

-          Thin and soft polyester backside that dries fast.

-          Strong and flexible strength in fabric.

-          Ultrasonically welded in stitchings to ensure waterproofness.

-          High quality metal fittings.

-          Low noise in fabric friction.

-          Low volume after folding together.

-          Very strong color fastness

-          Effective ventilation in the bag and underneath sleeves

-          No zipper to ensure ventilation in the front of the jackets


Rains rainwear, bags, and boots will be available at Kai D. soon.

Location: 230 Grand Street Brooklyn NY 11211 (Williamsburg)

Tel: 347 765 2204

Monday: Closed

Tue - Fri: 1 - 7pm

Sat: 12 -7 pm

Sun: 12 - 6pm


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