Kai D. Fall 2014 Collection

Posted on October 16, 2014

Photography + Styling by Kai D.

Model: Steven Meehan

Location: Kai D. Atelier

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Kai D. Skillman Raw Selvage Jean

Posted on September 26, 2014

Raw denim is considered as a “blank slate” for each wearer to carve his or her own life onto. While it often takes months or years of dedication, the end result is worth it in the form of a piece of clothing that is yours and yours alone. To me this is how the clothing should age instead of being pre-faded by the manufacturer.  Not to mention all the wastage in water to pre-fade the jeans.  It took about three months research comparing various raw denim.  I finally decided on this 13.5 oz ring ring denim from a Japanese mill.  The indigo is deep with a slight texture.  The Ring Spun yarn is a type of yarn created by rolling rather than pressing the fibers into shape.  It has an uneven look and will fade with a more uneven contrast than the open end denim  Ring-ring denim differs from ring-spun denim in that the ring-spun yarn is used for both the warp and weft during the weaving process. 

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Kai D. Fall 2014 Preview

Posted on July 15, 2014

I have been working on new silhouettes for Fall jackets for the past few months and the protos are nearly finalized to go into production.  The Redfield Jacket (in Rust color) is a hybrid of a shooting jacket and a barn coat.  It has a detachable self belt which is usually tied on the back waist.  The chest welt pocket has a zipper closure.  The lining is a soft cotton flannel.  The shell fabric is in wax cotton. 

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An Explorer's Tale

Posted on May 13, 2013

 As a designer who works in New York, I have always fantasized about the life of an explorer, travelling to places where there's no wifi, no advertisement of any sort, no starbucks, and no pollution by humans.  What life would be like to blend harmoniously with nature?  What inspiration would I get to explore palpable and tangible living things than to sit in front of a computer using the internet 'explorer' or

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A Time For Linen

Posted on April 29, 2013


Working with natural fibers has always been my interest.  The obvious choices are cotton for spring and wool for fall.  However, linen is the most ancient vegetable fabric known to man.  Linen is very durable, strong fabric, one of the few that is stronger wet than dry.  It doesn't stretch and is resistant to abrasion.  It is extremely easy to take care of and has the natural slub texture which adds more

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Kai D. Spring 2013 Collection Test Shoot

Posted on March 18, 2013

Kai D.'s Spring 2013 collection features timeless utilitarian inspiration from vintage fishing, safari, military garments using soft washed cotton twill, chambray, and pigment linen cotton twill.  The Greeson Jacket has large inside pockets for iPad and documents.  The khaki cotton blazer has artisal stitches around the armhole.  In addition, Kai D. works with local tie makers to create the bowtie and tie collection using polka dots, floral cotton, and camouflage cotton.  The overdyed camouflage pant is created by combining a vintage camouflage ripstop pant, an olive flight pant, and a vintage work pant.

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Kai D. Fall 2013 Look Book

Posted on January 18, 2013

Kai D. has gone back to its utilitarian root for his Fall 2013 collection with a clear focus of his strength in outerwear.  The collection is inspired by famous explorers such as Shackleton and Captain Scott.  The outerwear fabrication is carefully selected to keep warmth and yet light weight for mobility.

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