North Sea Clothing

Posted on March 04, 2014 by Kai D. Fan

Founder Neil Starr started North Sea Clothing (NSC) 15 years ago.  All NSC jumpers are made from 100% English wool by a family firm in the UK.  The untreated wool retains its natural lanolin, so it will keep its insulating qualities even when wet.  Construction is robust, with reassuringly heavy knits.  These pullovers are made to last. 

Production of these jumpers is labour intensive; just to get the yarn on the bobbin is quite an involved process with the wool having to be sheared and scoured first.  NSC's motto is "Whatever Weather."  The fact that NSC supplied the Shackleton Epic Team in their recent recreation of the original 1916 expedition to the South Pole should tell you all you need to know on how good these sweaters are.

Kai D. will be carrying the jumpers for this coming winter.  However, we just wait to introduce NSC to our customers so we are starting out with a selection of accessories (lanyards, belts, wallets).

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