1St Pat-Rn + Kai D.

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Kai D. Fan

I am so glad to introduct 1st Pat-Rn as a new addition to our retail store in Williamsburg.  After exchanging a few emails with the designer, Cristiano Berto, I instantly felt the close connection to our passion for historical research, high quality and yet rugged fabrication, attention to functional details and a versatile way of dressing for the new generation of artisans.

Tropicale Jacket is made of the knit cavalry twill that has a classic cavalry twill texture and yet stretchable for comfort and movement.  The interior construction is impeccably finished with binding in soft jersey.  The buttons are detachable with a ring back.  All the labels are well designed to demonstrate the passion for authentic products.

The pattern was created by Alessio Berto.  To make a knit fabric look constructioned and refined is not an easy task.  I can see the master patternmaking skills when I put on the Tropicale Jacket.

I was also very thrilled to receive my precious gift of a seamless tie from Christiano Berto.  I definitely shall cherish this.  It's pinned on my inspiration rigging board in my studio.

1st Pat-Rn Tropicale Jacket is now available at Kai D.

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