Kai D. Skillman Raw Selvage Jean

Posted on September 26, 2014 by Kai D. Fan

Raw denim is considered as a “blank slate” for each wearer to carve his or her own life onto. While it often takes months or years of dedication, the end result is worth it in the form of a piece of clothing that is yours and yours alone. To me this is how the clothing should age instead of being pre-faded by the manufacturer.  Not to mention all the wastage in water to pre-fade the jeans.  It took about three months research comparing various raw denim.  I finally decided on this 13.5 oz ring ring denim from a Japanese mill.  The indigo is deep with a slight texture.  The Ring Spun yarn is a type of yarn created by rolling rather than pressing the fibers into shape.  It has an uneven look and will fade with a more uneven contrast than the open end denim  Ring-ring denim differs from ring-spun denim in that the ring-spun yarn is used for both the warp and weft during the weaving process. 

It is recommended not to wash the denim for at least three to six month.  When it's time to wash raw denim, turn the jeans inside out and place inside the tub or a plastic bin in warm water for about 45 min to an hour.  Then hang dry up side down.  Expect the waist to shrink about 1". However this will gradually loosen up as you wear for a couple of days.

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