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Posted on November 02, 2015 by Kai D. Fan

I am very happy to introduce Sweettrade products at Kai D. Williamsburg location as well as online store. I discovered Sweettrade at the Inspiration New York show at the Brooklyn Expo and immediately fell in love with the products. I share the same values and passion for products that are built to last and made locally with high quality materials. The below is a brief introduction of Sweettrade pulled from their website. Please visit their website at www.sweettrade.net and facebook page for more information.

Sweettrade is a small studio in coastal New England making leather goods with nautical inspiration. All the pieces are designed, sourced, and made locally. The leather is purchased from a family owned tannery Wicket & Craig in Curwensville, PA, and then conditioned with leather conditioner made from essential oils and beeswaxed in a neatsfoot oil base. The metal parts are cast from a local foundry who uses lost-wax cast process. Only top quality solid brass (not plated) is used in the production. Rivets and grommets are set by hand, cast pieces are sanded, tumbled, polished all by hand. The shackle pulls are hand braided and made from high strength rigging line used for sailing in Southern Massachusetts.

Sweettrade studio in New England. (photo credit by www.sweettrade.net)

Sweettrade signature 'Mermaid Shackle' (photo credit by www.sweettrade.net)

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