Anthony Marinos from Grind

Posted on March 29, 2013 by Kai D. Fan

 I met Anthony Marinos at Grind ( where he holds the position 'formerly known as Sales and Marketing'.  As soon as I walked into Grind, I instantly feel a great vibe of energy with big open space full of casual and yet stylish people working on their own projects.  Grind is a members-only workspace and community for anybody who dislikes the traditional office space and embrace the collaborative environment to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals.  At Grind, there're many mantras that describe and define the culture of the community, one of Anthony's favorites has to be 'if today feels just like yesterday, something's wrong'.  This also reflects on Anthony's personal style.  'I've never understood why there has to be a 'work you' and a 'personal you.'  Shouldn't they just be one in the same?  I think that's why I love working at Grind so much.'  After Anthony gave me the tour of the space, I invited him to my studio a couple of days later and I photographed him in my new Spring 13 collection.  Here're the images from the photoshoot.

For more information on Grind, check out  Twitter handle: @grindspaces.

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