Devin Martin

Posted on November 05, 2013 by Kai D. Fan

Brooklyn is the home of many passionate individuals who believe in using their craft and life experience into forces of good.  Devin Martin is a perfect example.  He has spent 13 years working in the security industry for organizations such as the New York Federal Reserve and Fortune 100 companies until he became bored, unmotivated and even dreaded to wake up.  He walked away from his career to live on a mountain for a year to gain new perspective in life.  Now he dedicates his life to empower others to live a life of health and happiness based on each person's innate wisdom.  His approach and process is unique based on the objectives and needs of each client.  Lately, he has found that many entrepreneurs (including myself) and executives are drawn to his coaching service. To learn more about Devin, visit

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